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  1. Have you encountered specific types of fraudulent behaviour in your system, related to this crisis?
  2. Have you made a risk analysis to be prepared for fraudulent behaviour, related to this crisis?


Sorry, but more and more I have the impression, that the Covid-19 alert is a an agenda based on fraud.

Obviously there is no exraordinary risk coming fom viruses. But there are very severe consequences in regard to depression, isolation and neglectance of frail people who get worse and die because the don't get the support they are dependent on.

Viruses are new each year and there are victims in flu seasons each year. Each year coronoviruses have their share of about 5-15% of it. We just did not count and test it! There were more in 2016/17 and there also were very big problems in hospitals in some of our member countries. As an epidemiologist I was examining the (H1N1) Swineflu fake in 2009/2010 for the Council of Europe and we detected the institutional corruption whithin WHO /OMS.

Virologists are the fear mongers again, telling us about dangerous genetic shifts and drifts.

What if the "inhouse tests", that they provide, to indicate the spread of the virus, turns out not to be specific enough? It is already reported, also to detect SARS subtypes in bats, tigers and dogs?   But those are viruses that are circulating years before the recent Alarm in Wuhan.

The alarmists  just don't speak about immunology, about children who are made to experience hundreds of new viruses in kindergardens every year and about the importance of herd -immunity.  (See Prof. Knut Wittkowski)

Mongering their unapproved tests and dangerous pandemic drugs or vaccinations, they need our fear to urge and to avoid evidence based examination of risk and benefit.

We now experience a much worse consequence of institutional corruption than in 2009 or before. This should be a main topic for all fighting corruption and fraud..


I am curious what you think about different numbers of deaths in connection with COVID-19 for example in Germany versus Italy.



If there would realy be a new and dangerous virus, it would be equally dangerous in every city and every country.


In those places, where fear and panic is shaping the behaviour of patients and medical professionals, there we see the biggest damage.

Important is, that most of the patients that died, are very old ond over 90 % had severe other illnesses they died from. In Hamburg (about 2 Mio. inhabitants) every patient, who died with a positive test is examined by pathologists. Up to now, not a single case was found to die from Covid-19. (Prof. Püschel)


In regions, where the treatment is less aggressive (no immediate ventilators and ICU but palliative care and , if necessary oxygen) even more old people with dispnoe recover.

From New York I see the consequences of a health system, that is built to earn money. I am very sorry for the poor, old and frail people in that brutal system. All official information coming from US seems to be flawed by political strategies of the candidates before election. Some direct voices of doctors also give witness of inadequate treatment procedures especially for old patients.


I am very much concerned,


1. that it is possible to use not officially validated PCR-tests for Coronaviruses


2. that the "danger" is defined on a molecular level instead on public health and epidemiological data,


3. that we have WHO/OMS which is run by earmarked money from B&M Gates foundation and similar interests.


4. That there are no open discussions in official media nor questions from parliaments about the indication and effectiveness of lockdown and social distancing,


5. that herd-immunity is weakened by closing schools and kindergardens although there is not any evidence, that children's health could be more endangered by any virus than usually.


6. that Bill Gates announced in state television in Germany, that "we" (who?) are preparing a "fast track vaccine to vaccinate 7 billion people" (we know "them" from the swine flu case!)


But your question was about the regional/national differences in number and severeness of cases attributed to Covid 19.

In extended my answer a little bit  ;-) because I wanted to point out some factors, that not only in Italy might give reason to what we observe, or better, what we are presented by media.

I hope that we can stop this nightmare.

Wer misst hier die Auswirkungen auf die Sterberaten?

Jetzt sitzen hunderttausende altersgebrechlicher Menschen verlassen und aus Sicherheitsgründen weggesperrt herum. Ohne Freude, ohne Perspektive.  Was ist das für ein Leben?  Und wofür das Ganze?

Eine Altenpflegerin beschreibt auf Facebook (25.03.2020) die für alle völlig absurde Lage:

„Frau X, halbseitengelähmt muss zur Toilette. Nach dem kurzen Versuch sie per Telepathie zu entkleiden, damit sie ihre Blase entleeren kann, ignoriere ich meine Abstandsgrenze und komme dem Menschen wieder mal sehr nah. Ich wasche/dusche täglich Menschen, helfe beim Zähneputzen, kämme die Haare, ziehe ihnen Kompressionstrümpfe an.  …. Den empfohlenen Abstand von zwei Metern einzuhalten, unmöglich. Versucht mal einem an Demenz erkrankten Menschen zu erklären, dass er einem nicht zu nahe kommen darf.
Die psychische Belastung für Bewohner und Pflegepersonal ist enorm hoch. Könnt ihr euch auch nur einen Moment vorstellen, was das auch bedeutet?
Sie benötigen Trost, eine Schulter zu Anlehnen, eine Ablenkung. Ganz schlimm ist es für Menschen die an Demenz erkrankt sind, und jeden Tag aufs Neue nicht verstehen wo ihre Kinder sind. Sie haben Angst machen sich Sorgen, wollen auf die Suche gehen…..“

Rund 70 Prozent der pflegebedürftigen, alten Menschen in den Heimen und zu Hause sind deshalb auf Hilfe angewiesen, weil sie die Orientierung (in ihrem Leben und der Welt) verloren haben. Das wichtigste, was sie brauchen, sind vertraute Menschen, die sie „an die Hand nehmen“ und sicher durch den Alltag begleiten.  Quelle: